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Escape the Ordinary,

The Legend Of The Puzzler

So the Story Goes...

 Deep underground, a secret was recently discovered in an old historical building in Fort Collins, Colorado. We suspect that it is a secret chamber that belongs to an ancient spirit named the Puzzler. Legend has it that The Puzzler's story dates to before written records, and into fables and mythology. He is often renamed by different cultures but he is still one in the same. He is known as an eccentric, mischievous character that loves games and toying with people by challenging their minds and ultimately risking their existence. So far, we have only made it into the primary chambers below the building, but all the signs point to deeper and darker secrets waiting to be discovered. We anticipate they will be challenging and reflect his odd taste of adventure and intrigue. Do you dare to discover more chambers and unravel the mystery of the Puzzler? 

Legendary Adventures Warnings- recommendation ages 7+ due to our "Immersive FX Themeing" might be intimidating. No elevator access or wheel chair access. Thrilling Adventure might result in loud noises and change in lighting.  


Great Google Reviews

Victoria H.

"My first escape room experience with my co workers and it was amazing and fun, great atmosphere. Definitely will return."

Chris J.

"Excellent set up and unique style. Really enjoyed my first escape room with a group of 9. Plenty of puzzles for larger groups to solve but still enough to fill the time. We really had a positive experience, highly recommend."

Don K.

"Been to several escape rooms over the past couple of years. This one is one of the best! Large playing area and you need all of the time as there are just so many puzzles to figure out. My daughter, her boyfriend and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.A much more scurrying around than most escape rooms. Highly recommended."

Cameron S.

"Highly recommended! My wife and I had family from out of town and they had a blast!! Very challenging and fun. Also definitely worth the price of admission! Many here have commented how good the parking is, and they are right. Especially for Old Town Fort Collins! Oh yes and best of all its located in Old Town!"

Mrs. Briannes

"This is an absolute must!! And great for all ages. We had an 11 year old and a 60 year old and the game kept us all engaged and excited. Such an adrenaline rush!!

Benjamin M.

Possibly the best escape room in Colorado, but I've only been to 20+ different ones in CO. Definitely try this one out, it's challenging, fun and awesome to do alone or with friends."

Legendary Options

Birthday Parties Welcome!

Team that escaped

Making memories as part of your birthday celebration for all kids 7 and up. Conveniently located near Old Town Fort Collins with plenty of free parking. Book entire room for a special rate. 

Company Team Building


We offer customized times for your team building event. With a simple phone call we can help you put together everything you might need. Special Rates Available from our Escape Ambassador

Great Times Happen Here!


We welcome your reviews and so far they have all been amazing declaring Legendary Adventures one of the best escape games in Colorado. As a small local business we certainly appreciate it.  

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Easy to find location, just on the North Fringe of Old Town Fort Collins

Appointment only through our booking system. Please call or email for further assistance. 

Legendary Adventures EscapeRooms

400 N College Ave, Fort Collins, Colorado 80524, United States

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