Puzzler's Secret Chambers of Mystery

Let's GO!

​#1 Escape Rooms in Fort Collins

So Many Rooms - So Little Time

Get ready for a new type of Escape Room where the "Adventure" makes all the rules. Time to unpack your inner 12 year old, maybe even bring a kid or two with you, and discover your way through the Puzzler's Secret Chambers of Mystery.

  • Multiple Room Adventure - Don't worry, you're not stuck in a single room attraction like some of those you might have visited elsewhere. In fact you will be surprised by how many rooms you will discover. 
  • ​On The Side Adventures - Come join us and hunt for the Golden Ticket and win a special prize. Only one golden ticket per week. Will you be the one to find it?
  • Theme Park Quality - Our rooms are created by Artists at Work, who have had the pleasure of designing and helping create theme park and family entertainment attractions across America. The originality and immersion of our rooms will be sure to impress you and your guests.   
  • ​Not Scary but Not Boring - All ages are welcome but beware there is a thrilling adventure to be experienced and this might exclude some that are too young or too old. Family friendly experience but we suggest 7+.  
  • ​Tech versus Traditional - Our rooms are a blend of Puzzles, Riddles, Modern Tech, and Physical Locks. The complexity of this escape room is moderate but beware this is the largest escape room attraction in Colorado. Tic-Tock, Tic-Tock goes the clock. 
  • ​Ultimate Value Attraction - We go beyond expectations of a typical escape room. We like to think we are the best of the best and value your experience as our measure. So please read our guest reviews and book your tickets with confidence that you will not be disappointed.